When I was a kid, I wished for the ability to stick my hand in a TV and pull out whatever food I saw. I still really, really want to do that. Turns out, I’m not smart enough to invent something that manipulates time and space and I haven’t awakened any magical powers. Just when I lost all hope, I realized that with a little elbow grease, I can re-create all the foods from the animated shows, movies, and whatnot I love. Now, how can I keep this all to myself?

I know that I’m making foods that weren’t meant for our world, so bear with me as I take a little creative license to ensure that you guys get great looking and tasting stuff that our favorite characters would approve of.

If you ever have any questions, comments, requests, or whatever, let me know here on the blog or at the wonderful weirdness that is my twitter, @cartooncravings.

Happy Eating!


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  2. Jake · May 20, 2022

    Love the blog! Just stumbled upon it looking up Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends recipes! The cookies were SO GOOD 🙂


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